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Decentralized automation

Limit orders & Stop losses on DEXes

Defy 24/7 markets

WhatisAutonomy Network

A decentralized automation tool, powering Web3 application buidlers/developers with on-chain conditional execution. Autonomy Network allows any developer to automate any action in the future under any condition. A decentralized network of bots triggers requests when the condition is fulfilled. You can learn more here


The AUTN Token will be available via public sale by Q1 2022. To get early access please register for a chance to get on the whitelist.

The AUTN Token will be a genuine utility token, enabling holders to pay discounted network fees, defer execution, vote on governance and is required to be staked to become an executor.


Yes! Stay tuned for the first ever drop of aNFT's, learn more about the next step for NFT's here

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